mardi 2 août 2011

Transport Hertz

Un retour d'expérience enrichissante d'une salariée de l'entreprise Hertz.

B737 200 Ryanair Hertz.

Mission stagiaire: Il est important de considérer que le stagiaire doit être en 2ème année de BTS  VPT. Il doit avoir effectué un premier stage lors de la première année auprès d'une entreprise de location de véhicules. Sa mission sera de fournir un rapport de marketing dont le but est de déterminer les caractères avantageux pour l'entreprise Hertz de s'engager à ouvrir un point d'accueuil notre groupement d'entreprises.

  Embraer company myth:

Lineage 1000® by Embraer
Legacy 450 by Embraer
Thirty four years ago we embarked on a journey. A journey that followed a vision born from a spirit of innovation and a passion for excellence. A vision that saw the world becoming a bigger place, with opportunities to grow; to build commerce and to bring people together. And as the world grew, we grew; reaching beyond Brazil to new markets in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. Decades of growth brought modernization and improvements in technology, and with it the need to go even faster. Just ten short years ago regional air transportation was redefined - and Embraer rose to the challenge to meet the changing needs of the market; the more demanding needs of airlines and their customers. Today almost eight hundred Embraer regional jets are flying the skies in sixty four countries around the globe; bringing people and business together. And new markets for RJs continue to open: in China, Thailand and in Mexico; for business and for pleasure. Today our vision is just as clear as it was thirty four years ago, and our passion for excellence still remains. Today the world continues to grow and its transportation needs have multiplied. Technology has changed, our industry has changed and Embraer has responded. Experience has pointed us in a new direction. We listen to the market; we listen to our existing customers and future customers around the world and we worked hard to better understand their needs for tomorrow. Two years ago the Embraer 170 made its historic debut, signalling a new era in air transportation. A seventy-seat commercial jet. The first of a family of four new generation aircraft designed with twenty-first century technology. Designed for the market, designed for people, designed for the future; designed for operators who share our vision that the world needs new tools to keep growing. Our new aircraft family concept was hailed as revolutionary and continues to earn praise from airlines, analysts and the financial community. Together with the Embraer 175, these first two new commercial jets are offering more versatility to airlines, opening up new markets and setting new standards in passenger comfort, performance and economics. Tomorrow we continue the journey that started thirty four years ago; a journey that we could never have realized without the loyalty and support of our many customers and industry partners. We thank all of them and appreciate their support, their friendship and their passion for flight. Tomorrow we pay special tribute to those who will be part of the next innovation of our commercial jets family: the Embraer 190. Tomorrow, come share our vision. Come see the future.

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